imageKissinger (left) has been described as being 'apoplectic' about Cuba's role in Africa in discussions with Ford

US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger drew up plans to "smash Cuba" with air strikes nearly 40 years ago, government papers obtained by researchers show.

He was angered by Cuba's 1976 military intervention in Angola and was considering retaliation if Cuban forces were deployed elsewhere in Africa.

The information comes from documents declassified at the request of the National Security Archive .

They show that Mr Kissinger was eager for the US to stand up...

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Paul Adams at Syrian border: "They are happy someone is hitting back but fear it's not enough to stop the IS advance"

US-led forces have carried out air strikes on Islamic State (IS) militants battling Kurdish fighters around the northern Syrian border town of Kobane.

A BBC correspondent saw explosions outside the town in the morning.

At least 10 people were killed overnight, Syrian activists said, as the jihadists moved to within 2 to 3km (1.2-1.9 miles) of Kobane.

Tens of thousands of people...

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Earlier this month Nefertiti Menoe had had enough of the phrase "You're speaking white." After she saw a meme on Facebook that ridiculed minorities who use proper English, she posted a short video to her own page.

"I don't know why we've gotten to a place where, as a culture, as a race, if you sound as though you have more than a fifth grade education, it's a bad thing," she said. "That really gets under my skin."

Menoe refers to the practice by some minorities...

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imageThe US dollar has been gaining ground against major currencies

The US dollar continued its rally on Wednesday, hovering near a four-year high against major currencies.

In early trading, it rose over 110 yen for the first time in six years and was close to a two-year high against the euro at $1.25.

Analysts say the dollar rally shows no signs of ending as sharp losses mount for other currencies.

"We think the dollar rally has another two years to go at least," said Chris Turner, global head of strategy at ING.


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RAF jets have carried out their first strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq, attacking a "heavy weapon position" and an armed pick-up truck....

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As Tim Willcox reports, no children are thought to have been killed

A shell has killed four people at a school in the rebel-held east Ukrainian city of Donetsk, on the first day of classes, officials and witnesses say.

Another six people died when a minibus was hit elsewhere in Donetsk.

No children were apparently hurt when the school playground was shelled but a biology teacher and a parent were among the dead, witnesses told Reuters.

The school is 4km (2.5 miles) from Donetsk...

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For a better experience on your device, try our...

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imageAirlines face having to replace the display screens in affected aircraft

Airlines have been ordered to replace or modify the cockpit display units fitted to hundreds of Boeing jets.

The US air safety regulator said that tests had indicated that mobile phone and computer signals could cause the screens to go blank.

The affected planes are typically fitted with several screens, each of which costs thousands of pounds.

Honeywell - the displays' manufacturer - has stressed that the problem has not been experienced in-flight.

"The only known occurrence was during a developmental test...

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The man went to a Dallas emergency room on Friday, but was sent home with antibiotics, as Alastair Leithead reports

The first case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on US soil has been confirmed in Dallas, Texas.

Officials at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital say the unidentified patient is being kept in isolation.

The man is thought to have contracted the virus in Liberia before travelling to the US nearly two weeks ago.

More than 3,000 people have already died of Ebola in West...

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Our selection of some of the best news photographs taken around the world during the past 24 hours.

imageJapanese rescue teams resumed searching for survivors on Mount Ontake, trapped by Saturday's eruption. Recovery efforts have been hampered by conditions as the volcano continues to shoot gas, rocks and ash into the air. Hundreds of hikers were on the volcano when it erupted - nearly 50 people are known to have died.
imageA model presents a creation during the Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Collection by Chinese designer Masha Ma during Paris Fashion Week....

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Crowds are gathering in Hong Kong for what could be the largest day of pro-democracy protests in the territory since street demonstrations ballooned over the weekend.


It has been dubbed the "umbrella revolution" since protesters used umbrellas to protect themselves from pepper spray and tear gas fired by police.


The protesters are angry that Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has refused to meet them. They have warned they will expand their demonstrations unless he resigns and the Chinese leadership agrees to wider electoral reforms.


Because Wednesday is a holiday - China's 65th...

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imageThe accused are said to have offered Xbox One kits for sale more than a year before the console's official release

Four people have been charged in the US and one in Australia for their alleged involvement in a hacking ring that stole pre-release video game data.

Prosecutors have claimed that members of the group managed to use some of the information to create counterfeit versions of the Xbox One console.

One of these is said to have been sold on eBay for $5,000 (£3,085) ahead of the machine's official launch.

US Army...

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More than two million Muslim pilgrims are expected in Mecca for the annual Hajj pilgrimage. It is a ritual that is designed to promote the bonds of Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood by showing that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah.

The five-day pilgrimage occurs in the month of Dhu al-Hijja - the 12th and final month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

It is a journey that every sane adult Muslim must undertake at least once in their lives if they can afford it and are physically able.

Here are some of the numbers involved in this year's Hajj....

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imageFrance's budget deficit will be 4.3% of GDP in 2015, missing an earlier target, Mr Sapin said

The French government has said it will reduce its budget deficit to below the EU threshold of 3% of GDP by 2017, two years later than promised.

The new forecast indicates the public deficit will fall to 4.3% next year, but to 2.8% by 2017.

It was released as Finance Minister Michel Sapin prepared to present his annual budget to cabinet.

Mr Sapin said growth would remain weak, projecting that the economy would only grow very...

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Terror and danger are part of everyday life in Syria. Reports by Jeremy Bowen, Lyse Doucet, Ian Pannell and Paul Wood first broadcast in 2013

BBC World News America has won two Emmy awards for its coverage of the conflicts in Syria and the Central African Republic (CAR).

Reports from Syria by correspondents Lyse Doucet, Ian Pannell, Paul Wood and Jeremy Bowen won outstanding continuing coverage in a regular newscast.

The BBC's Africa correspondent Andrew Harding won outstanding feature story in a regular newscast....

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imageThe avalanche struck in a remote area of the San Lorenzo mountain in southern Chile

Police in Chile have found the bodies of two extreme skiers who had been missing since an avalanche struck a mountain in southern Chile on Tuesday.

Canadian Jean-Philippe Auclair, 37, and Swede Carl Andreas Fransson had been hiking the 3,700m-high (12,200ft) San Lorenzo mountain in Patagonia when they were swept away by the avalanche.

Two other Swedish nationals in their party survived.

They are reportedly in a good condition and sustained no injuries.

The group of four had...

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imageGenerations cast member Sophie Ndaba looks out from a Soweto billboard

South African soap fans have been cut off from the country's most popular show following the August sacking of its cast for demanding better pay.

The last available episode of Generations was broadcast on Tuesday.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) said it would be at least two months before a "revamped" version of the show returns - with a completely new group of 16 actors.

Generations is South Africa's longest-running soap, having launched in 1994.

Watched daily by some seven million...

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Sitting before a big screen with a list of key bullet points, women are busy taking notes about how to become Tunisia's next political leaders.

"Women in Tunisia have the required self-confidence to become decision makers but what they lack are some leadership skills," says the coach leading the non-governmental organisation workshop in the capital, Tunis, teaching them how to organise an electoral campaign.

At a time when many women in the Arab world are fighting hard to promote their political rights, Tunisian women have them explicitly...

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Students in Boulder speak about sexual assaults

The BBC Pop Up team has spent September living in a house on the edge of the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado. The issue of sexual assaults at US colleges was raised repeatedly by students we met.

It is a national problem, with studies suggesting one in five women will be victims during their time at university.

And it is a serious problem at CU-Boulder too. The college is on the White House's list of...

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imageTom and Jerry cartoons come with a warning about prejudice

Tom and Jerry cartoons on television are being accompanied by a warning that they may depict scenes of "racial prejudice".

The classic cat and mouse cartoons, some made more than 70 years ago, carry a warning for subscribers to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

There have been claims of racist stereotyping in the depiction of a black maid in the cartoon series.

Amazon's warning says such prejudice was once "commonplace" in US society.

Tom and Jerry, once...

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imageConnie Converse remained virtually unknown after 12 years of trying to build a musical career in New York

Connie Converse was arguably the first modern singer-songwriter, writing and playing intimate songs on her acoustic guitar in the mid-1950s. But she remained virtually unknown and disappeared in 1974. Now, her talent is finally being recognised.

In summer 1974, days after her 50th birthday, Connie Converse sent fond letters to family and close friends telling them she wanted to make a fresh start.

Disillusioned with how her life...

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